Flower soundtrack

Another of our songs, COITUS INQUISITION, will be appearing on the soundtrack to FLOWER, directed by Max Winkler – it looks genuinely hilarious and I cannot wait to see it.

Christmas Number One: a festive musical

Work has begun on a new project entitled: That’s right, Succulent Fans, it’s a Christmas musical. We will be shooting a proof-of-concept short in March and then developing the feature script thereafter. Of course, it won’t be the first musical we’ve made (c.f. the seminal Last Babacus). But this one will be set in the […] Continue reading →

Camerimage 2016

Once a year, Bydgoszcz (Poland’s 8th-largest city) receives a massive influx of filmmakers and camera folk who proceed to GORGE THEMSELVES on Zywiec, dumplings and beautifully-shot movies. The festival does not have a ‘best film’ category: only Best Cinematography. I don’t recall who won this year (Google it) but my single favourite film was Hans […] Continue reading →

Trip to Ireland

What a wonderful time at the 2016 OFFline Film Festival. They treat their guests *really* well, there were some cracking short films (Particularly by Sylvain Chomet and Oonagh Kearney) and it feels like a great big, welcoming family. A great big welcoming family that plies you with beer! While in Ireland, I also took the […] Continue reading →

Exit 6: Good times had, good things said

Had a fantastic screening at the inaugural Exit 6 Festival. Alas The Prime Location did not win Best Film, but Denis Dobrovoda’s ‘Apparition’ was more than worthy of the prize! And the audience seemed to really appreciate our film, with much laughter and many enthusiastic comments afterwards, such as: “That was f***ing amazing” “One of […] Continue reading →