David has written and performed music in a wide variety of genres.



Up in the World – Written for the Christmas Number One teaser. Vocals by Hannah Howell, who also stars in the teaser. Additional production by Ed Seed of Dua Lipa and Stats.

True & Sexy – performed with Ladyfriend. An electro-pop banger featuring David’s first (and last) attempt at rapping.

Ween Parade – performed with Ladyfriend. A tribute to the greatest band of all time: Ween.



At the Table – An early demo commissioned for a comedy pilot about fantasy board game obsessives. The music was designed to feel ‘swashbuckling’ and the lyrics poke fun at some familiar fantasy tropes.

CGI – performed with West Country folkers More Silage. David wrote this back in the mid 2000s when Hollywood was awash with bad CGI and suddenly it seemed we couldn’t trust our own eyes any more…

Dairy Factory – performed with More Silage. A reworked version of this song will appear in our new feature, Christmas Number One.


Suckers – as featured in Stronger (2017, dir. David Gordon Green, starring Jake Gyllenhaal)

Coitus Inquisition – as featured in Flower (2017, dir. Max Winkler, starring Zoey Deutch)



Heads Bodies Legs – a piece commissioned for the play of the same name, inspired by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.