David writes and performs in a wide variety of genres. Here are some tasters.


Up in the World – Written for the Christmas Number One teaser. Vocals by Hannah Howell, who also stars in the teaser. Additional production by Ed Seed of Dua Lipa and Stats.

Ween Parade – performed with Ladyfriend. A tribute to the greatest band of all time.


At the Table – Early demo commissioned for a comedy pilot about fantasy board game obsessives.

CGI – performed with West Country folkers More Silage. Written back in the mid 2000s when Hollywood was awash with bad CGI.

Dairy Factory – performed with More Silage. A reworked version of this song will appear in Christmas Number One.


Suckers – as featured in Stronger (2017, dir. David Gordon Green, starring Jake Gyllenhaal)

Coitus Inquisition – as featured in Flower (2017, dir. Max Winkler, starring Zoey Deutch)


Heads Bodies Legs – a piece commissioned for the play of the same name, inspired by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.